Changing the world of racing

Just your average family. Although, it really isn’t. Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen are a married couple, whose joined trainer/driver partnership is set to shape the future of racing in Queensland for decades to come. They are dedicated to ensuring that all their horses are well taken care of, and trained the best they can at their Patrick Estate Stable located in Queensland all whilst raising 2 little girls. 

Pete is considered to be one of the top drivers around the country and Chantal, who started training a little over 11 years ago, has trained over 1000 winning horses. 

Our Group 1 Winners

Chantal Trainer
  • Big Wheels – Qbred Triad Final 2020
  • Awaywego – Qbred Triad Final 2021

Pete Driver
  • My Valerie – DJA Memorial Final 2015
  • Big Wheels – Qbred Triad Final 2020
  • Awaywego – Qbred Final 2021



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